Image Feedback Reflection

The feedback I received from Ray regarding the image work was that for the image sets brief, I shouldn’t have researched the subject or examples and that I should have just dived straight in to see what the outcomes would have been. It was an instantaneous task – something I didn’t realise at the time.

Nonetheless, he did say that the work produced was good and showed considered design. Therefore I will not make improvements to the work I have created as I am happy with the images and the feedback in relation to it. I will however, take on board his feedback regarding making work instantaneously for future projects as that could produce some interesting results.



Image Sets

We have been asked to create sets of images that relate to a subject of our choice, but the images must be connected in some form in order to make it clear that the images are part of a set.

Some initial idea generation through sketching and jotting down some notes. I was unsure how many images to create per set, which is why the number of boxes in each sketch is inconsistent.

However, in the time given, I managed to create one set of images, with the minimum requirement being three images. This set relates to architecture. In order to allow the images to be a set I applied the same filter and also the same colours on to each of the images. I feel this has gone successfully as the images clearly relate to one another. I also like the style, I am unsure whether this does relates well to architecture and with more time I would have experimented further, however the project was cut short by Ray in order to give us a new, but relating brief.

They are very busy images and are visually interesting in my opinion, and I like the abstracted nature of two of the images, with the third providing a visual cue that it relates to architecture. Furthermore, I am happy with the colour choices, however I think that they could be a little brighter to make them stand out a little more, and make them more exciting.

These are all things that I will bear in mind when going forward to my next brief and hopefully I will be able to experiment a little more in order to see what works best.