Pl{us} Show

This years degree show was called Pl{us} and it was made up of a range of work, no two being the same. It was very inspiring seeing the work that was created and really demonstrated the beauty and power graphics can create. Probably my favourite part of the show was seeing everyones designed dissertation. They were beautiful pieces of work that really celebrated the hard work put in to writing a dissertation.

There were some stand out pieces in the show in my opinion being…


This piece was a favourite of mine for its stand out typography, expressive colours and the topics it explored as they were current and topical, allowing discussion to be created. I also liked it for its display, it was not a standard format of placing a poster or snippet on the wall, it was out of the box and allowed it to stand out more in relation to the other pieces in the space.


This is another piece that stood out to me because at first I didn’t understand what it was trying to communicate, which caused me and a friend to stop and try to work it out. When we read that it was exploring the issue of chronic pain and that the symptoms are never seen I though having the white vinyl on the wall was a great way to display that. The words were difficult to see at first – which meant I took more of an interest to try and work it all out. This in itself makes it a successful piece in my opinion as it stopped me in my tracks and got me interested. It also got me talking about chronic pain.


This is someones dissertation piece, but was one of my favourites for its bright colours and untraditional format. Its not a design that would come to mind when thinking of an editorial, but I think this is a clever way of instantly dividing up the contents of the dissertation in a visual way, breaking it down into small, sizeable sizes, making it less daunting for someone to pick it to read.



The Yes Show!

On 26th May, I went to the private viewing of the third year’s degree show, called; The Yes Show!

I didn’t really know what to expect, but was immediately amazed at the work created. There was such a wide variety of work on display, with different areas explored.

These were some of my favourites…



This piece stood out to me because of the high level of detail and quality that can be instantly seen. Each element has been carefully considered and appears to have a purpose in the magazine. I also like the typographic nature of the editorial. I think that it has (like everything else) been thought of and considered carefully. It feels sophisticated and mature.



This was another favourite because of its typographic nature. It stands out and really does pull you in. I like how it flows down the wall and the hierarchy has been well considered. The message is concise but still tells the reader exactly what it’s about. I also like its interactive nature, whereby people could write on little stickers and stick them too the wall. And the question cards, which make you really think about elements surrounding the subject of technology and connecting. They’re both fun, and also brought you back to reality about moments that occurred in your life and things that relate to you.



This piece really stood out to me because of the typography and illustrations. Although it isn’t instantly clear what its about, just from looking at the shapes and illustrations, it is obviously about place. I like the use of watercolour because it gives it some texture and the different styles of typography help to break up the large amount of text. I feels like there is a narrative taking place simply through the typography.

Overall. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the degree show. It gave me a real insight into the sort of thing expected to come for when my time comes. One thing that was clear was the high level of quality within the work that we are expected to reach. It demonstrates the level of hard work and dedication that is required. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead and the areas that we can explore within our work.