MYOB: Teaser Advert

During the session we were asked to create the first teaser advert for our business. It had to be completed by 2pm that day and therefore we only had about three hours to develop a concept and execute it ready to present it back to the class.

This was our advert:


The idea behind the advert was create curiosity, through using a striking image to draw attention – without giving away what our company is all about. It looks at a glass bottle with the caption; ‘What do you want it to be?’ next to it to heighten that curiosity and to engage the audience through getting them to think about it. The company logo has been subtly embedded within the bottle and our social media link has been added at the bottom for people to have a place to go and find out more information.

The feedback we received was that the shard edges to the broken bottle was too violent and could conjure up negative connotations to weapons etc. The idea behind the advert is strong, it is simply the choice of imagery that needs consideration – this is something I was aware of as it is not my own image and therefore would not be able to used for the advert regardless due to copyright issues. An idea suggested to us was to use the broken pieces of glass that we are working with and photograph them instead. This is definitely something I intend to do.

Based on the feedback received I went about making the appropriate amendments and re-considered my wording. Jonny photographed the glass pieces and transferred them to me to create the advert.

This was the result:


I decided that simplicity was key with this and therefore utilised the white space. The glass pieces are the focus with the type using hierarchy to grab the viewers attention. Like the previous advert, I wanted to keep it implicit and leave an air of mystery around it – particularly because it is our first advert. I am treating it as a narrative and as the process continues the more will be revealed.

I am pleased with the result and I hope it will have the impact it is intended to have. My teammates said that they thought it looks good and works well on the whole.


Creative Review: Jigsaw’s Advert Campaign

Scouring through Creative Review, I came across an article looking into Jigsaw’s (a luxury British fashion brand) latest advertising campaign. The campaign titled ‘Heart Immigration’ made a rather bold and political statement into the often complicated issue of immigration.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 00.46.00Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 00.45.43Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 00.45.35Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 00.45.48

What I love most about their new campaign is their direct and to the point approach. There is no hidden message that can be debated – it is clear that they are in favour of immigration and without it they would not be the company known today.

It shows that sometimes being direct without waffling and having hidden messages is the best way to be. It has potentially to cause a stir, but if it gets people talking about the issue of immigration in a positive manner rather than the usual negative manner then they have achieved their goal. This bold campaign will definitely turn heads and for this makes it a very successful advertising campaign in my opinion.