MYOB: Evaluation

Mind Your Own Business has been an extremely intense, yet rewarding experience that has allowed me to delve into the world of business for five weeks. I have been able to meet new people and work with people from various disciplines, allowing me to learn and grow.

The company Echo was built on our core values being; sustainability, teamwork, professionalism and quality. We had to quickly decide on a team name and a brand, which was my area of expertise. I decided to keep the design minimal with a clear link between the visual elements and the business itself, which uses recycled glass to make the products.

We then had to make a decision on what our final products were going to be, which included, necklaces made from both cord and silver plated chains and candleholders. I think in reflection it was a good decision because the candle holders cost nothing to manufacture and within the time limit we had, the necklaces were a smart choice because it meant that we did not have too many different things to concentrate on and therefore maintaining the quality each item was easier to manage.

The rest of the elements then seemed to come together once we had the two main elements sorted. We all discussed each decision and made it together as a team, there were disagreements in regards to whether someone liked an idea or not. But we made sure to respect everyone’s opinion and talk it through, offering solutions throughout.

In reflection to working with my team, I think they all worked well and pulled their weight. There was no-one who didn’t turn up or not do any work. We all got on well and clicked as a team which I think made the whole process easier and also allowed the business to be as successful as it was. We were each delegated roles based on our strengths and were able to work on them, obviously helping one another at the same time, when needed.

I do think that stand did let us down slightly because we could have promoted our brand even more and didn’t shout loud enough amongst the other stalls. Although we still did well, we could have potentially done better if we had promoted our stand better on sales day. Nonetheless, I think the packaging, uniform, elements of the stand all worked in harmony with one another using the same visual language, creating a consistency throughout and making it prominent that it is from the same brand. This is also applicable to the website and the social media platforms. They followed the same visual language. The social media accounts were updated daily and I think that helped with our marketing of the brand because people were able to see our journey and our brand develop and grow. This allows potential customers to buy into not only our product, but also us as a company.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the result of this project. I feel my confidence has grown and I have gained an insight into the world of business within the creative industries. I also feel my team worked extremely well and all of the hard work has been reflected not only in the large profit made, but also the quality of the branding and products designed and developed. I feel this business has genuine potential to grow even further through increasing our product range and expanding our target market. There is a definite future with this, that I believe we are all interested in taking forward beyond this module.


MYOB: Final Product

The final product we created for the business included; necklaces on silver plated chain, necklaces on cord and candle holders.

Here are the final products:

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 15.22.17

The products really reflect our brand values in my opinion, they are of a high quality and are sustainably based. I am really pleased with the outcome and think that Jonny has done a great job with all the products.


MYOB: Second Advert

Following on from the first advert, we had to make a second, this time showcasing our product.

I originally wanted to photograph the necklaces hanging from a bottle, because that’s how we will be displaying our products on the 12th December.


However, when I reviewed the images I felt it lacked energy and finesse. It was pointed out that as a necklace is designed to be worn it might be worth having a model to wear the product. We tried this and felt it worked much more successfully and agreed to work with that image.

Below is the final result of the advert:


Overall, I am very pleased with the result of the image. I think it showcases the necklace well and is clearly the focus point of the advert. As I wanted to keep it quite simple so that it is in line with the previous advert and our overarching brand style, I did not want too much writing on it to distract the audience. I do think that the strapline; ‘The gift worth getting’ could have done with more work and I question if we could have thought of something stronger, but as I was short on time, I made a decision. I have included the key information of the date, location and time of where we and our products can be found and I have included the logo in the top right hand corner. I did not use the original colours because it looked awkward against the background and it wasn’t very subtle. I want it to be noticeable, but not to distract from the necklace itself.

Overall, I am pleased with the final advert because I think the photography has been done to a high level and it really showcases the beauty of our product. It is simple, but fits in with our identity.

MYOB: Presale

As part of our business, we decided to hold a presale event in the Management building. This was not a compulsory element of the process, but we took it upon ourselves to hold one because we wanted (of course) to try and sell some before the main sales day, but also because we wanted to try and raise awareness to other students of our products that we will be selling on the 12th December.

The day on the whole was quite quiet, but we did manage to sell two pieces, which isn’t the largest amount, but we did get to speak to quite a few people about our products and where they would be able to find us, should they decide to buy one.

Although it didn’t go as successfully as expected, I think that we managed to get our brand and products out to a wider market, which will hopefully work in our favour on the 12th December.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 18.50.58

We did have a few compliments for our products and the display stand of the light box. I definitely think that the having the light box helped because it caught people’s attention and made them look. I therefore think that this will definitely help our sales stand on the 12th December.

MYOB: Uniform

As part of the business, we are required to create uniforms that will be worn on the sales day. It is a good idea because it gives the business another level of professionalism and makes us look united and helps to push the brand forward.

After discussing our options, we decided to opt for a white t-shirt which would have our company logo on the front and the MYOB logo on the back. We decided to opt for white because it keeps in line with the visual style of our brand. It is clean and crisp. This will then be paired with black trousers/ skirt so that we will all look apart of the same team.

We were hoping to have the logo stitched in the original colours but as the colours in the logo are a gradient from one to the next, we knew that it would be difficult and potentially not possible.

Angelika took charge of the uniforms and worked with Maggie to try and achieve the gradient effect with the digital stitch.

Here are the results of the trial tests:

With the first trial on the left, the line is too thin and the colours are blocked rather than gradually fading into the next. The image on the right shows a more successful attempt with both a thin line and a thicker one to test the difference. Although the colours are better than in the first image, the colour on the right still feel awkward and not in line with the original logo.

We therefore made a team decision and chose not to go for the colour logo and instead kept the logo black.

Here is the result of this:


This definitely works better in my opinion. The logo is clear and the marque is still recognisable to the brand despite it being in black.

In reflection I think that we could have potentially tried screen printing the logo with the colours as that might have been more successful at creating the desired gradient effect. Nonetheless, I am pleased with the result of the t-shirt. I think Angelika did a good job and we communicated well together to make the end decision.



MYOB: Social Media & Website

We decided to try and boost our business further through setting up various social media accounts. Angelika was in charge of this as she is the Social Media Manager and on the whole I think she has done a good job. We also thought of allowing people to order products through a website and therefore set one up – to again heighten our business and gain as many customers as possible.

Social Media:

We created a Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 00.25.13

A Twitter page:

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 00.30.33

And an Instagram page:

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 00.30.51

We’ve kept the style and voice on each media platform the same to remain consistent and show that we are a coherent business. As it is visible above the style of imagery also ties in with the brand identity with it being simple and showcases the beauty of the products – making them the focus point.


As mentioned above we have also created a website in order to drive traffic and get our business heard.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Isabelle created the initial website and put all the content on. I then went on and altered the design to keep it in line with the brand identity and ensure it is clear and well structured for people to easily navigate through.

Click here to visit the website.

MYOB: Brand Refinement & Finalisation

Following on from initially developing the brand ideas, I went on to work with the decided brand name and logo.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 00.01.29

I decided to try different typefaces because I thought that the first one felt too corporate and clinical and not quite right for the marque. Out of the above three I felt that the third image was the strongest and felt right with the marque. The typeface is Lemance from Dalton Maag and as stated on their website Lemance has: ‘Personality, playfulness and an approachable tone of voice.’ I think this comes through and is exactly what I want it to communicate to people. I do not want it to be too serious but at the same time, want it to look professional.

Here is the final brand identity:

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 00.00.07

In reflection, I am pleased with the outcome of the design within the time we were given, especially as I also had to work on other aspects of the business with my teammates. It has been a real eye opener into the speed we are expected to work at, which I feel does reflect industry a little more. Although I do believe that more time should be spent when developing a strong visual brand identity, it was a fun challenge to try and develop something in such a small space of time.

I think that the logo itself definitely reflects the business as the marques have been taken from shards of glass that we are working with and they have been overplayed to represent an echo. I have used a three colour gradient because the business strapline is: collect. recycle. create – this reflects the process that we have gone through with the product itself. It is simple and to the point, therefore each of the colours (which have been colour picked from images of bottles) represents each process and the gradation from one into the other shows the fluidity of the process.

The overall logo is unique, beautiful and simple – exactly like our products.