Image Making Workshop

We worked with Matt to develop skills of image making. For this workshop we were given an article and in groups of three had to create images for it. We were only given an hour to complete the task, which therefore meant that it was a quick response task.

My group received an article regarding fashion and in particular recycling clothing. This then developed into an article addressing two companies going against each other with campaigns to raise awareness. The two companies being H&M and Fashion Revolution.

As a group we decided to focus on this aspect of a large company going against a smaller one. We decided to take an illustrative approach and to keep it quite simple.

Here is the result:

We originally drew the carrier bags but Matt suggested that it might be worth trying to illustrate onto real objects – which is what we did and thought that it did have more of an impact on the whole.

By adding a simple illustration on to each bag – it completely changes the tone of them and brings them to life. People can then engage with them because they can then develop characteristics to them. In this case the big arms against the tears would suggest to readers that the H&M bag is bullying the Fashion Revolution bag.

We received positive feedback for our images. But I think that these can be taken forward, perhaps by altering the scale of the bags to really emphasise the difference in size of the companies themselves. We could also potentially use clothing as well as the bags to create a scene and then photograph it – to show readers that the fashion industry is what’s being addressed.

Overall, I am pleased with the concept we came up with as a group, but I think that it could have been executed better. Nonetheless, I do think that we did well in the space of time given. From completing this workshop I now have a better understanding of how easy it can be to create imagery for an article. But with that I have realised how many decisions are needed to ensure that the image is suitable for the article itself and also how you want the reader to perceive it.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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