1/2 Day Editorial Project

On behalf of the Changing Faces editorial project that we are all currently working on, David gave us two hours to create a three page spread on a topic given to us. We had to work in groups of three and by the end of the two hours, we had to have the pages printed off on a coloured paper of our choice and stuck up for peer review.

For this myself, Ffion and Ellie worked together and our topic was on the Aurora Borealis. We therefore started by looking for an interesting article and worked together to design the spreads.

Here is our final outcome…

The article we chose to use was; ‘How to see the Auroras before they’re Gone’. We went for this because we agreed that it was more interesting than an article just talking about them. The distorted type on the first page was to highlight that the auroras are not always visible, they come and go. The use of tracing paper on the second spread was to highlight the content of the article – it talked about how to see them – by removing the tracing paper it revealed the article – the article therefore being the tracing paper, once people read it, they know how to see the auroras. The final spread was a rushed job as we were running out of time, nonetheless we were pleased with the image created – it was an accident, but we all thought it looked different and interesting.

The feedback we received was mixed, we were told that the elements individually were great and that there were strong elements of brilliance. But as a whole piece, the individual elements didn’t quite fit together. There are a lot of different visual styles going on, making the overall piece confusing to read.

I agree with the feedback, I think that we were focusing on each element and didn’t take time to consider what they were saying in relation to one another, this will definitely be something I will consider for my editorial project. Nevertheless, I am pleased with what we created and I think that we made some strong links between the content of the article and visual elements. I think consistency is the key thing to remember here.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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