Changing Faces Editorial Design – Initial Ideas

From selecting my article I have began to develop some ideas on behalf of the article.

I started by sketching anything that stuck out to me from the article quite roughly just to gain a sense of what could be played with and whether it would spark anything.

I started by playing with the words ‘truth’ and ‘lie’ in a range of typographic styles to see what would potentially work best. I quite liked the bold, sketchy style of the word truth because I think it relates to the words Trump speaks, he is both bold and rather sketchy with his statements. However, I also like the way the word lie wraps around the word truth, giving the illusion that it is difficult to separate the two. I do think that it can be improved and pushed further however, because it is too neat and pretty – something Trump’s statements are not – they are designed to aggravate.

From this I then went on to consider material use and what form of imagery I could use. A lot of inspiration has derived from my research and David Carson’s work and therefore a lot of my ideas involve layering text with imagery and creating confusion within that.

I want to convey the sense of confusion and chaos with some information being interwoven in the imagery but making it difficult for the reader to work out what it is. I think that this will pinpoint the essence of the of the article. I therefore think that mark-making layered with typography will be the best option for the imagery.

I am also considering the idea of creating layers by ripping pages and physically creating the sense of confusion. This also applies with potentially using tracing paper to create layers.

I created a few layout spread ideas just to try and gain an idea for the layout itself as I have focused a lot on the imagery element. I stopped after the third design idea because I realised that I could go on and on creating layout designs and potentially forget what I am trying to communicate. I therefore I think the best thing for me to do is to go on to InDesign, get all the text on a document and begin to work out a solid grid system, what typefaces to use and separate the text over the three spreads so that I know what each spread is discussing.

Overall I am pleased with my initial ideas and I think that I have deconstructed the text well, developing ideas that have a strong relationship with the text. I do think however, that I need to speed up the pace on my work and actually get designing. In reflection, I think I have spent a little more time researching than what I should have and for future projects I will create a timetable and set dates to complete various tasks by.

Going forward I will now develop my ideas and concepts and print them off to see what works best.

Group tutorial with Matt:

When I had my group tutorial with Matt, I discussed my thoughts and ideas and he suggested to push the concept further, I could potentially distort the actual layout of the editorial to create a sense of confusion within that as well as the imagery. I do like his idea and it is something that I will explore further alongside my original idea. My concern is that as editorial design is new to me, I do not feel I know the rules enough to be able to break them yet. I am also worried that if I push the design too far that it will become a mess and too illegible to for the viewer to read.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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