Changing Faces Editorial Design – Further Research

In light of selecting which article I am going to be working with for the duration of this project I have tried to create some initial ideas and although I feel I am developing a concept, I am struggling with thinking of what medium to use to create the imagery. I have therefore done some further research exploring examples of what artworks, typographic work and even photography work have been created surrounding the idea of truth/ deceit and confusion.


I have selected quite a range of examples to help give me a broader scope of ideas to work with. What I do notice in quite a lot of them is the use of layering – both physically and digitally. I think it works really well as it creates confusion to the reader and requires them to draw out the relevant information – it makes the reader work at the piece. I particularly like the bottom left image because I think that it has a level of art to it also. It is has depth and is dark – as if visualising deception.


I chose these images because I like the level of playfulness and manipulation that has taken place. I like how the first image plays with traditional portraits – it would be obvious to include a photo of Donald Trump himself – this therefore allows the idea of a portrait to still be used, but allows the balloon to become symbolic. I like the centre two images because they again play with traditional portraiture through the use of layering and replication. This to me symbolises that a person has many faces and it is difficult to know which is being used. I chose the final image because of its creativeness, the cutting of the pages in the book means it cannot be read coherently. It is difficult to pull out any information from the sea of random words that can be seen – I think this almost acts as a metaphor to Trump and the media in general. With so much information being put out into the world, words become lost and almost meaningless.

Fine Art:

These are the final two images that I selected and I chose these because I like how abstract they are. Figures and elements na be made out in both paintings – the second more than the first; but both play on the idea that things may not be what they seem and what we are presented with may not be absolute. This I therefore think relates to the article and President Trumps statements – what he says may not be the truth. You have to study what is said – just like these paintings. I like how the second image combines text with the imagery – this is a potential avenue to explore.

David Carson:

I am particularly fond of David Carson’s work. I like how playful and experimental he is with typography. The use of layering makes the text difficult to read, only certain words can be pulled from the images. I really like this idea for my chosen article – there is definitely a sense of confusion within each of the pieces above – and that is the mood I am trying to depict.




Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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