Changing Faces Editorial Design – Chosen Article

After taking time to consider what article to work with for this brief, I decided to go for; ‘Can President Trump Handle the Truth?’ I decided to go for this one because I found the article interesting and when doing research into editorial designs, I was drawn to the ones that seemed to have layers and an element of deceit.

I think that this article has a lot of potential, especially to play with the idea of truth and deceit – I feel that there is potential for a lot of experimentation with both the typography and the imagery. I think that this will allow the design of the article to have a concept to it that will follow through into the body text.

I have made a start by deconstructing the article. I have read it several times and broken it down into what I believe is the skeleton of the article and removed any unnecessary text. This means it will be easier to work with the text and also bring more of a focus to the article because I believe the content is just as important as the overall design – the two should hand in hand with one another.

Breaking the article down and from reading other articles surrounding the subject area, I understand that it looks at Presidents Trump’s unorthodox statements. He is able to play with fact and fiction with ease, with some allegations having no evidence to support them and others becoming true after being made. He is able to push the boundary to a level that still allows him to escape should anything go wrong. It is difficult to distinguish what is fact against what is fiction.

I have completed additional research and read multiple articles that all echo what is being said in the article above. All look at the undeniable fact that Trump creates his own reality and is quick to ensure that he is correct no matter what. Some of the statements made in the past are unarguably questionable and really do provide an insight into the character of America’s President. This reflects on his approval rating, currently below 40%. ‘Instead, he overwhelmed his interviewer with such a profusion of misstatements, half-truths, dodges and red herrings that one grows dizzy trying to untangle it all.’ This was taken from an article in The Guardian, in response to President Trump’s interview with TIME. ‘Trumpspeak’ was a term spoken of quite a lot in the article in The Guardian, which leads me to think that this new form of playing with words is rather unique to Trump himself.

From this I will continue to reflect on the content and also what others have written to ensure I capture the true essence of the article. However, I will now go on and start creating visuals for the article.

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Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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