Changing Faces Editorial Design – The Brief

For our newest project we have been given a brief to combine all of the skills that we have learnt throughout our first year into an editorial design. This will mean combining typography with image making with narrative to create three double page spreads. We will have the option of which article we would like to design around, based on current issues taking place in the world.

As designers it is indicative that we have a firm understanding of the world around us, both locally and internationally.

Editorial Requirements:

  • 3 double page spreads or 2 double page spreads and 2 single pages (total of 6 pages).
  • Minimum size requirement for each page: 315mm x 225mm.
  • Minimum word count: 1500.
  • Article should be backed up with additional research and original images.
  • Concept is key! Explore several concepts before committing to one.
  • Consider: typographic hierarchy and detailing, grid systems, image hierarchy, legibility, colour range, font choice, paper choice.
  • Evidence of creative and innovative thinking is key.
  • Design Sheets – you will develop a number of iterations of your double page spreads, these must be printed ad bound and evidenced.
  • Print off proofs throughout – as this is a print project.
  • The target audience is you.



Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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