Changing Faces Editorial Design – The Articles

We have 10 articles from which to choose from, these being:

  1. Silicon Valleys Quest to Live Longer.
  2. Is Fat Killing You? Or Is Sugar?
  3. Everything will change.
  4. Can President Trump Handle the Truth?
  5. Can a French Friar End the 21st Century Slave Trade?
  6. About a Boy.
  7. A Decade Lived In The Dark.
  8. I Took The AI Class That Facebookers Are Literally Sprinting To Get Into.
  9. Aaron Banks: ‘Brexit was a war won. We won. There’s no turning back now.’
  10. How an Anarchist Bitcoin Coder Found Himself Fighting ISIS in Syria.

I have read all 10 articles and with each article broke it down into some simple bullet points in order to break down the large body of text and to try and see the potential each one has.

From here I selected the articles that stood out the most to me. These included: ‘Everything Will Change’, ‘Can President Trump Handle the Truth?’ and ‘Can a French Friar End The 21st Century Slave Trade?’

FullSizeRender 6

Everything Will Change:

I chose this article because it surrounds the issue of climate change, something which immediately caught my attention. However, what I liked most was the tone of the article. Unlike the others, it was not written about someone else or looking through an individuals perspective, it is as if the writer is writing directly to the viewer – creating a connection with said person. There is a sense of pleading and despair throughout.

But what worries me with this article is that there have been so many visualisations of climate change, I worry that the design will be something very cliche. For example, mark making could be done with materials such as oil and coal, but I feel that this is something that has been done before – how do you create something different?

Can President Trump Handle the Truth?:

I selected this article because I found the topic interesting. It is known that Donald Trump makes many allegations that have put not himself but the people he has spoken of at scrutiny. What caught my attention with this article was the idea of truth and deceit – a concept I think can be played with within the design of the spreads. Although the writing style is not the same as Everything Will Change, upon reading the article I found that there are quite a few key statements that could be pulled out, highlighted and played with – creating more room for experimentation.

I do worry with this article whether it will be too constraining and whether I will struggle to develop several concepts to play with.

Can a French Friar End The 21st Century Slave Trade?:

This was the final article that stood out to me. To be honest I found the article quite shocking because I didn’t realise the severity of slavery across the world, not only in South America. As well as that I didn’t realise that there were so many different slave trade’s to be found, reading of the dangers people like Xavier Passat the French Friar have in trying to stop slavery made it more real. It was clear through reading the article that not enough is being done about slavery. I therefore thought that this would be an interesting article to design. I thought that it might be interesting to try and create imagery depicting slavery – not explicitly, but by perhaps through an emotion, where colour choice and material choice would be key.

This article would need a lot more research as I do not know anything about the slave trade and I worry that I will spend too much time researching and not enough time focusing on the designing. I feel at the moment it has a wide scope because I do not know much about the subject and depictions of it, which may make it difficult to narrow down in the time I have to complete it, potentially making the narrative confusing and difficult to read.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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