Design As Activism Conclusion & Evaluation

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome of the animation and the campaign on the whole. I think that all the pieces work well together, including the ephemera. I believe that as a group we have worked well together, keeping in touch throughout and working well to overcome any issues. There were no disputes and when it came to decision making we all gave an input. I think we split the workload between us equally and helped one another whenever necessary. I think that the strength of our group work can be seen within the final pieces themselves.

I have definitely learnt a lot from completing this project – the most being learning how to animate on After Effects. Through doing this I have also learnt of the importance of narrative, without it there is no context and a disconnection between the audience and the piece. As well as the technical elements, I have also developed skills in regards to working collaboratively, particularly communicating with other team members and learning to compromise. However, I do think that to improve for next time I could try and improve on time management. I think that if we started on the animation sooner, we would have had more time to make amendments and refine it and to also try learning more technical elements within the programme to make the animation stronger.

Going forward from this project I would like to continue working on After Effects to try and improve my skills and learn to create more sophisticated animations. I also feel more confident working within a group setting, as this has been the most successful group project I have completed within Field so far. It has made me realise the strength in group work – when it goes well. I am pleased were given the opportunity to work on a project like this because I think it will help us to develop a wider skill set.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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