Afterlife – Elbow Grease Magazine

For this week’s afterlife, Elbow Grease magazine came in to talk to us. We were introduced to Tom Sydenham; Art Director, Josh Gabbatiss; Editor and Jon Sinfield; Business Manager. They are all currently based in Bristol – as is the magazine.

I thought it was nice having all three come down to talk to us rather than just the Art Director as that gave more scope of things to discuss and gave a truer insight into what it takes to create a magazine. As much as it is about the design, the business and editorial elements are crucial and are things that need to be considered. I especially think that the business aspect is important because business is incorporated into the creative industries and is something that we should be open to and begin to learn a little about.

It really gave an insight into what it takes to create and develop a magazine, beyond the design element. It was also nice to see the dynamic that all three had with one another, it shows the importance of good teamwork and communication. One thing that they brought up was that they struggled with deadlines, which at the start worked in their favour as they were really able to concentrate on the voice and tone of the magazine. But after the initial process, deadlines are crucial to ensure that demands are met and that progression occurs –  this is quite interesting as it made me think of benefits of having deadlines but to also not have them depending on the circumstances.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to the team behind Elbow Grease come in and give a talk about magazine design and also introduces us to the idea of integrating business into the creative side.



Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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