Design As Activism Final Animation

Above is the final completed animation for the Design as Activism project. I am really pleased with the final outcome and I think that it has come together really well. I think that the type enhances the animation with keywords appearing on the screen in time with the voiceover. In regards to the voiceover, I think it works well using a child’s voice as I don’t think that it would have had the same impact if it were an adult speaking. The use of the child’s voice enhances the message that this is for future generations and that if we do not make a change then we and future generations will be in trouble. I do think however, that with further refinement that the audio could have been a little better simply because you can hear where it has been cut and stuck together in certain places.

In regards to the animation and the flow of it, I think that it is smooth and each part of the narrative transitions well into the other. I do think that this has also come down to our communication because the animation transitions well from our sections into the next; for example, Dee’s part of the animation transitions well into mine and my section transitions well into Joe’s. I have learnt of the importance of smooth transitions and the difference they can make in an animation, I do wonder if these could have been explored further to enhance the metaphorical value of the visual elements. This is definitely something to consider when making future animations.

In addition to that I think that the narrative of the animation is clear and focused with the message coming through strongly. I think this is strengthened through the use of the voiceover.  The design of the “What’s your Legacy’ strengthens the campaign, as it is more of a recognisable logo than having ordinary text.



Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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