Design As Activism Progression of Work

After we re-worked our illustrations and finalised the narrative we decided to split the storyboard into three sections for each of us to complete, leaving each of us with seven frames to animate. We all shared the illustration files so that we could use one another’s depending on the frame being animated – this meant that the visuals would remain consistent throughout.

Here is a slideshow of my section of the animation:

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Here is Joe’s part of the animation:

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Here is Dee’s addition to the animation:

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As initial visualisations, I think they have all worked well and each follow the storyboard effectively and do depict a narrative. However, more work is of course needed, starting with putting all three animations together to make one movie.

We then showed these to David in order to gain some feedback. He said that the narrative within the video works well, however the type in Joe’s section didn’t work as it moved too fast for a person to read. From this we decided to remove the type from the whole animation and to add it at the end once all the parts are put together and the audio is added. With that he also stated that as our campaign is based on a legacy, that element should be celebrated more and therefore suggested we make a logo of some form, which could then sit on both the animation and ephemera. This would also help to tie everything together visually.

I therefore worked on a few ideas for the ‘What’s Your Legacy?’ logo and here are the outcomes:

After some discussion we made a final decision:

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 22.43.52

We decided on this one because we felt it stood out to the viewer the most but also because it sits within a geometric shape which works with the visual style of the illustrations. The sans serif also gives it a contemporary feel which works with the contemporary feel of the animation. However, we received feedback from Neil who said that as we have altered the natural reading position of the ‘your’ that we should perhaps change the colour of the ‘your’ and ‘legacy’ to allow the viewer to know that the word ‘what’s’ is read first. We agreed with his advice and made the following change…

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 22.49.57

We chose green because it relates to the trees and recycling symbol within the animation and of course green is associated with the environment and therefore the most sensible colour choice. But in my opinion I think it works well and makes it pop. The only change we made from here was as we have been working with a black background the word ‘what’s’ would obviously not be seen – therefore we changed it to white in order for it to sit on the black background.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 14.43.08

This is the final piece and overall I think it works well. I feel it stands out strongly and does grab the viewers attention. I also think that it will work well visually with the animation.

Further feedback we received from Neil included a discussion about the audio, this being Dee’s young daughter reading a script. This idea was given positive feedback because it ties in well to the idea of a legacy. As our campaign is based on asking graphic designer’s what they want their legacy to be – a legacy is designed to be for the benefit of future generations and through using a young child’s voice, it enhances the idea that change is needed to benefit future generations.

Here is the animation put together with the removal of the type:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am really pleased with the animation and the transitions between each element. I think that the narrative within it is really strong and the message behind it is clear. However, I do think that this will be further enhanced when the voiceover is added as that will strengthen the core message behind our campaign.

I feel that so far we have all worked well as a group with each of us having put effort and time into creating the animation. We have remained in contact throughout and have met up on many occasions in the studio to discuss the idea.



Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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