Design as Activism Initial Ideas

As a group we have been working together towards developing ideas towards our new brief. After an initial discussion after receiving the brief myself and Dee decided to focus our animation around the subject of the Environment (unfortunately Joe was ill). We decided this because throughout Field we have both based our manifesto’s and work on the environment and therefore thought it would be nice to continue on with that.

We made a group chat and messaged Joe our ideas, which he seemed happy with. From that we decided to to do some research and narrow down some ideas.

Brief research…

Current Environmental Issues:

  • Climate Change – caused from emissions pouring into the atmosphere, the planet is heating up causing global warming, meaning ice caps are melting and freak weather conditions are taking place.
  • Deforestation – without trees we cannot breathe, trees also take in CO2 which helps with reduce emissions in the air.
  • Sea Pollution – this takes places from oil leaks and waste thrown into the sea – which can affect fish and sea life, coral bleaching is also an affect of this.
  • Air Pollution – caused by emissions and greenhouse gases.
  • Resource Depletion – caused by over-consumption.
  • Overpopulation – there over 7 billion people living on earth, with people living longer, more resources are needed.
  • Waste – take the form of landfill sites etc. toxins from waste can cause soil pollution.

We all met together to discuss what we’d researched and from our discussion we made an agreement to focus our animation on deforestation. We came to this decision because we thought that it is an issue whereby if it is not resolved, then it is a risk to life on Earth. There are of course other effects with this issue, but on the whole it was the one we thought was specific enough, yet broad enough to give us ideas. Climate change, for example, is too big of a subject to condense into 60 seconds – especially when we want to gain a response from people.

From this we will now go on to do more in depth research regarding the topic area and areas around it, i.e. behavioural science/ psychology, other animations etc. This will allow us to develop ideas and begin to build a narrative for the animation. Also once we have developed a visual style, we will then be able to begin looking into the two other pieces of ephemera needed to accompany the animation.



Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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