Storyboarding Workshop

We were recently given a workshop on storyboarding and the key part it plays when making a video or animation. With a well designed and clear to read workshop, it can be given to someone to be transformed into a real sequence.

We worked in our groups for the task and each group were given their own advert to watch and depict our own storyboard that we felt represented that sequence/ narrative. As a group I felt we worked really well on the task as we all discussed which shots we felt would be most relevant to draw and took it in turns to draw the images. We made any decisions as a group and each of us gave our opinion.

Here is the storyboard we created and beneath that is the advert itself.

Although the images are not meticulously drawn, they are clear to read and show what each shot is designed to be. The annotations and use of orange for the tracking or panning shots help to make the storyboard even clearer.

On the whole I feel we did well as a group on the task and received positive feedback when we presented the work. I think that when we go about doing this again, personally, I would like to work on the drawings to make them a bit more detailed so that the viewer can gain a clear sense of whats happening. Nonetheless, I completely understand the importance of storyboarding when making a moving piece of work. This will make the making process of the animation much easier because as a group we can refer to the storyboard and know exactly how the narrative progresses and the visual style. This will hopefully prevent any miscommunication and will allow us to get on with the work much more efficiently and effectively.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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