After Effects

Workshop 1:

We were given a basic introduction into After Effects because our project will be based on using the software to create an animation. A lot of what we did was looking at getting elements to move around the screen and to add effects on to them.

I didn’t find it the easiest programme to use and so I am aware that I will need to practice to improve my skills in order to create a good animation. From this workshop however I did learn how to make elements move in various way on the screen. These included; the position, rotation and transparency. Although these are basic skills, they will definitely come into use when we go to create our animation.

Here are screenshots of the animation with it going from beginning to middle to end. Although it is one of the worst animations made, seeing what is possible and the effects that can be created gives a wealth of possibility – but this also demonstrates that by adding too much into the animation it becomes difficult to view (something to note for the animation brief).


Workshop 2:

For the second workshop Matt taught us how to animate a character walking through a cityscape. We also learned how to pan the camera across to give the illusion of the city going by.

I found this to be a particularly useful workshop because we will be including a character in our animation and may also need to know how to pan across a scene. It was useful learning about the size requirements for the frames and how to combine projects to make an overall scene.

You can see the progression within each shot the first being taken at 0 seconds, the next at 5 seconds and the final at 10 seconds.

I did find it easier to work from the last session (which is obvious considering the last session was my first session) but what was nice was that I didn’t find it too daunting and I surprisingly remembered quite a few of the processes.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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