On the 19th of February I went to London on a Graphics trip. It was a really fun, enjoyable, inspiring and motivational trip.

The first day was simply arriving at the hostel and settling in with free time in the evening. The second day was spent at the 4 Designers conference until 4 o’clock, which was simply amazing and inspirational (please refer to my 4 Designers blog). In the afternoon a group of us went to Soho for food, and to walk around the area, which I always find interesting to see the diversity of individuals within the city. The final day consisted of visiting the design studio Dare to gain a feel for what it’s like to be in a creative environment. In the afternoon, we went to Southbank to see some of the sights and then went to the Design Museum – which I was really looking forward to seeing as I’d never been before.

The City…

I always enjoy going to London simply due to the diversity found within it. It is such a busy and ever-growing city there’s always something happening that catches your attention. Like always, London failed disappoint. Walking down Oxford Street in comparison to walking next to the Thames on Southbank had such a different feel and atmosphere to it. People behaved differently, (something I find interesting); one felt rushed and isolated whereas the other was more relaxed and focused on socialising. It really got me to think about the way we react in different situations and how what we see can influence us. It really does enforce the idea that as a creative I should always be observing what’s happening around me – something I normally do anyway.


Dare was an incredible experience. I loved gaining a feel of what it would be like to work in a real studio setting. The atmosphere was amazing (in my opinion), and there was a real sense that everyone wanted to be there and create. It was quite a chilled atmosphere, but was clearly apparent that everyone had work to do. The whole experience made it a bit more real for me and really cemented graphic design as a future career. We were spoken to a lot about Behavioural Science and the impact that knowledge of that area can have on your work and as it is a topic rooted within Psychology, it was right up my street. This is something I have wanted to look into further because not only does it interest me a lot, I also believe that if we understand how and why people behave the way they do, then that can inform work being produced for the better. This is now something I’ll definitely be looking into.

The Design Museum…

I really enjoyed the Design Museum believe it or not. One of my favourite elements was the overall design of the interior. It felt clean, open and well considered. There was so much packed into the space with tonnes of history bursting from the rooms. I really enjoyed seeing the development of designs and how developing technologies have changed them and allowed them to grow into what we know today. I think it really shows how we always have to keep up to date with new technologies to enhance the relationship people have with the world.

One of my favourite pieces was a letterpress piece by Alan Kitching. The use of layering and contrast between colour and black and white has been executed beautifully. There is a real sense of texture within the piece and also a sense of movement. Although the words tell a story, the layout has been well considered and helps to enhance the narrative. I feel the piece really does demonstrate the power that typography can have and how it in itself can be a striking piece.


Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in London. I feel it has really opened my eyes to the possibilities that are available within graphic design. It has made everything more real and I can actually see myself working within the industry one day. It has really inspired me and motivated me to push myself and practice, practice, practice! During our time there, we were also able to meet some graduates who are now working in London in the industry. It was really good meeting them, because it revealed that students from CSAD have gone on to start careers in graphic design. It was also nice to gain an insight into what their time was like at uni and their progression throughout.

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Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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