Field 4: Collaboration project self-reflection


What kinds of material/ technical experimentation have you undertaken in Field so far? What kinds of research?

  • Letter pressing.
  • Painting.
  • Collaging.
  • Adobe Skills.
  • Read articles.
  • Looked at historical and contemporary examples.
  • Completed background and historical research.


What key things have you learnt about context in relation to your work?

I have learnt that context underpins an idea, without it the work cannot reach its fullest potential.

I can see how my discipline (Graphic Communication) has a correlation between the other disciplines (Illustration and Animation) due to the nature of their style of work – they are all designed to communicate to an audience.

In reflection to the Spanish Civil War I feel my strongest link was with Felicia Browne due to the number of connections made between her story and the work.


What discoveries about form and structure in relation to context have you made in Field so far? What are you learning about using e.e. layout, typography, movement etc.

I know that layout and composition are key when trying to communicate because they help direct the narrative and the way the work is read by the viewer.

Form and structure help to emphasise the content and both inform one another.

I’ve also developed my understanding of the power that typography can have both alone or when placed with imagery, especially when we viewed the different styles of propaganda that have been created – although most are different, they are equally powerful.

Skills/ Context:

How has you understanding and engagement with collaboration developed? What has been your contribution to the group’s work? How will you approach future collaborations based on this experience?

I feel that this collaboration module has been a learning experience. It has been challenging trying to communicate with members and dealing with people not attending. I feel I have contributed well – attending every session and completing my fair share of the work – the background for the Guernica piece, the letterpress piece for Felicia Browne, developing the layouts, working on the final presentation, giving my opinion and contributing ideas. In the future I will endeavour to ensure good communication is kept and that we as a team regularly meet up – because that’s when I think ideas bounce off one another more fluidly and with that to ensure that I explore ideas in more depth and to not jump straight in.

Skills, Ideas and Approaches:

What skills, ideas, skills and approaches are you aiming to explore further in Field?

I am hoping to continue developing my collaboration skills because I do believe that the best ideas are created when working as part of a group. I would also like to try learning a brand new skill in order to allow my skill set to grow and perhaps develop some of my current ones.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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