Felicia Browne Project – Presentation

We had conducted the presentation so that each of us had a piece to say to ensure we all took part. I began by introducing the work and giving an insight and background into Felicia Browne’s life and role within the Spanish Civil War. Then each member went on to speak of their piece and the part it played.

On the whole I felt it went well, each member contributed and I feel I was able to handle the questions and comments with ease.

The feedback we received seemed positive, with the lecturers questioning our decisions and actions. They ranged from the reasoning behind the lightbox to the idea of depicting Felicia Browne’s style as an artist. It made me realise the number of connection that we had formed between Browne and our work, which is the reason why it made it so easy to answer the questions  It was also a period of reflection on how we performed as a group and things that we would take forward going into future collaborative projects. They also questioned how the work could be taken forward, something I had not personally considered. The general consensus for this was an animation, as that would help emphasise the movement within it and also the sense of a journey.

I am pleased with the way the presentation went and I think that we worked well together. The project itself was not easy and we were faced with challenges, which towards the end I felt we managed to overcome quite easily due to the fact we were communicating more frequently.

This experience has taught me to always keep an open mind as to when a catalyst may occur, because for our group, it was the moment we placed the repeat pattern of the train on the wall that we really worked as a team to bring everything together. It has also taught me the difficulties of working in a team and how communication is key throughout- challenges will arise but without communication there cannot be any progress.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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