Protest Project

Based on the lecture we received regarding protests and the power within image, word and narrative, we had to go and make a piece of ephemera protesting for our manifestos.

As our manifesto was regarding the environment and sustainability, we decided that rather than keeping it broad and general, we would focus and a certain issue. This being deforestation.

We chose this issue because it affects every aspect of all our lives. Without trees we cannot live. Simple. Through completing research we found some facts about trees and their impact within the world. We then looked at examples of ephemera protesting in aid of the trees.

Overall we liked the idea of combining a human element alongside the natural. Personally, I think that it allows the viewer to have more of a connection with it as it forces you to realise the impact it has on you. It is a topic that is so easily forgotten about because we can’t see it happening in front of us. Therefore through physically combining it with a human element you are forced to confront it.

We therefore decided to take the lungs and do a double exposure style with the trees. We created two variations; one rather explicit and the other more implicit.

On the whole, I am very pleased with the two outcomes. I believe they both represent our issue of deforestation and reflect our manifesto. Personally, I prefer the poster on the right because I like that the lungs are more implicit in nature, the simple graphical shapes are suggestive. I also like the grey tone because I think it helps to keep the piece simple but impactful. In regards to the type, I really like how the word breathe resembles a breath – you can feel yourself breathing when you read it. Nonetheless, I also like the  design on the left. I like the consideration of the type; it is bold, clear and the colour has a nice resemblance to the trees, the message itself is also very powerful and to the point. The shape of the lungs is much clearer here, which although works, I think could be a little less explicit to make it that bit stronger.

I think that within the time constraint the pieces have a high level of professionalism attached to them. I think that we worked well as a group as we worked on the ideas together before creating the pieces. I do believe that these could be taken further again, a suggestion that was given was that perhaps the lungs could be animated to breathe – something which I think would work well, especially as they are designed to be on screen. This decision was based on the hypocrisy of using paper – a resource made from trees.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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