Guernica Collaboration Project

We have been asked to work collaboratively in groups to create a piece of work in the style of Guernica but inspired by our manifestos.

Therefore our piece will be influenced by the environment and sustainability as that is what our manifesto was all about. We began by planning out the piece and dividing up the space to see what may potentially work. We also discussed what the overall aim of the piece was and concluded that we would include many animals, some mutated to show the effect of human devastation. We decided to include a human element in order to show they are the cause with the inclusion of the light to resemble that there is still hope. We decided as a group to include all of these elements to follow the style of Guernica.

From this we each decided to take an element to draw ourselves and then would meet back to collage all of the pieces together. I decided to create the ice burgs for the background…


So far I feel that we have worked well as a group and it has been interesting to collaborate with the students from illustration. However, I have found that it has been difficult to get the whole group together in one space to work on the piece as someone is always busy and unable to attend and due to this I feel that progression on the piece has been slow. Nonetheless, below are some of the elements that individually the group have been working on.

I am feeling positive about the piece and am looking forward to seeing it completed. I think that through combining everyone’s drawings it will make it interesting. But I do question whether it will look a little too random and not thought through thoroughly enough.



Eventually, we managed to complete the piece by the given deadline. Here is the outcome…


(Poor image quality)

Here is our final outcome and on the whole I am pleased with the result. I particularly think that the trees provide a strong statement and work well. However, I do think that although the individual elements are strong, they do not come together and work coherently with one another. I think that this comes down to our working method, we each took responsibility for an element but did not really think to consider how they would all combine together to make the final piece.

I also think that the piece does not strongly resemble Guernica, the use of the colour green gives it a vibrancy that does not exist within the original painting. I partly think that we deterred from the original image too far. On the other hand, I think that it does work as we used the original painting as a reference and have created something new. The green is a sickly shade that does not make the image seem fun or enjoyable and for that reason I think that it works in relation to our manifesto.

As a group I don’t think that we worked we collaboratively because I think the piece demonstrates individual elements which have been made and put together, it reflects the lack of strength with our collaboration. From this I do believe that there are improvements that can be made to both the piece and our working method, for example, meeting up more often to discuss and show our progression. Nonetheless I am pleased with what we produced. These are things to take into consideration for the next project, which I am looking forward to.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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