Creative Thinking Techniques

We were welcomed back with a day dedicated to exploring Creative Thinking Techniques in order to help with the way in which we generate ideas. We first explored the obvious mind mapping and brainstorming; techniques many of us have already come across.

However, we were shown a technique called; Forced Analogy. Through forcing two random nouns together and trying to create connections between them is a very interesting approach and really does force you to think differently and explore areas that may not have been thought of. Although it is not a technique that I will jump to using immediately, it is a very good way to help with a creative block or even potentially create new and invigorating ideas.

In groups we were then asked to research a specific type of technique, ours (myself, Dee and Megan) was; Lateral thinking. Upon research it revealed that lateral thinking is seeking to solve problems by unorthodox methods. Ways of doing this could be; Role storming: think like someone else. Or Reverse thinking: think about what everyone would typically do and then do the opposite. I looked at a few examples and it is not something easy to do, but when achieved I think it can be such a powerful tool to help think of creative solutions.

Other methods that can be used include:

  • The Checklist
  • The 6 Thinking Hats
  • Picture Association
  • Lotus Blossom
  • The reframing Matrix
  • Attribute listing
  • Metaphorical Thinking

On the whole, I am pleased we were able to spend a day reviewing ways to come up with ideas. I do think that it can be difficult at times to think creatively and to think of ideas and through having so many varied techniques, can help to break through the mental block. Or it can simply push initial ideas forward to think of something quite unique.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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