Group Tutorial

On Monday 28th November I had a group tutorial with visual communicator lecturer Neil Angove. The session began with a piece of advice from Neil; ‘Always begin a project at the end.’ I thought it was quite an odd statement but after some thought did make a little sense as I think you are able to see what is achievable rather than wasting too much time on something that simply won’t work.

He also told us to ensure we keep an eye on the brief throughout the project. This is something I fully understand and intend to do throughout this project as it ensures the final outcome complies with what’s been asked.

Moving on from that Neil began speaking to us about three objectives that we should always consider when designing;

  1. We are always designing for somebody.
  2. We are communicating to somebody.
  3. We are communicating for a purpose.

With this in mind it is important that I gather as much information as possible about the client to gain an idea of how they think and speak and what it is they want.

It is about how other people think and behave that informs the design and not about how I think or what I like – this is key within graphic communication as we are representing another body and therefore have an influence on an audience on how they convey said body.

For this brief the purpose for communicating is to give an insight into the designers and to represent designboom and who they are.

I asked Neil for advice regarding consistency and variation within the book. He advised to create a suitable grid structure that shows there is a system in place and does have a level of consistency, but that I am able to create variations within, which will work better if I use rows as well as columns. So for this I will experiment with various grid systems to see what works best.

Overall, I found the tutorial to be a great help and with that has really changed the way I think and approach design. I found it to be very influential and has helped to shape the way I go about tackling any future design briefs. This is through the research and the style of research needed, particularly in terms of the client and target audience and with that the way I think must change as I must think like that individual or company. I am pleased I attended the session and I feel a little more confident about this brief and my approach to design briefs.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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