The Great Graphics Bake Off Poster

As a small project we were given a brief to design a poster to advertise the ‘The Great Graphics Bake Off’. Due to the time restriction, I quickly researched any examples to gain some inspiration and quickly gathered the elements to place on to the page.

Here are a variety of posters that I found that I quite liked for the context of the brief. I liked how vibrant the first image is and the use of colours, but in contrast to that I do like the use of black and white with fewer colours used to make it jump out of the page. With the third poster I liked its simplicity and the use of negative space to really draw in the viewer. With the final poster I like the use of type and how that is clearly the focal point of the piece. It does jump out at you. However, I do not like the colour choices as they are a little dull in my opinion and do not work well together.

Here are my designs, I tried to experiment but also work quickly to get the piece finished on time. I was really unhappy with the first design, although I do think there could be potential within it, nevertheless, I decided to move on. I think the second poster is an improvement, but the title was too difficult to read and for a poster, did not make it legible. Again the third and fourth are an improvement, as I find the typeface to be much stronger and is legible, however the image lacked quality, especially when printed, which led me to change the image to higher quality one. I decided to keep the cake in colour as I felt it jumped off page more and had a real sense of depth to it.


This is final poster I decided to go with . I liked the use of the line to give it structure and a graphic feel. But overall, I do not think that this is my best work and I am a little disappointed with the overall result. I just don’t think this poster carries strength or stands out in the crowd. I want to aim for a poster that is visually stimulating and captivating.

However, I am pleased I took part as it made realise how quickly designers have to work at times and it’s about thinking on your feet. I hope that these are skills I will improve and over time, with practice I’m confident and hopeful they will.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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