Formative PDP

When looking back at my time in constellation, I began with much enthusiasm and was looking forward to see what was to come. Having never had any interaction with Philosophy before it was all very much a new venture. The first few sessions were interesting and provoked me to think about what was discussed long after the session had finished. Questioning the very fundamentals of knowledge and technology was quite interesting and really made me think. An example of this was when we discussed Plato’s theory that Art simply imitates and deceives the eye and that people may mistake the copy for the real thing. Whereas, Nietzsche believed that Art was a form of representation and revealed the way people perceived the world.

However, as the sessions progressed I felt my enthusiasm beginning to deteriorate as I felt that there was a lot of information, text, names and dates given to us that I simply could not digest. I would feel confused from the session and so a way I managed to handle this was to review my notes and transfer them on to my blog to try and gain some control and structure. This helped me a lot and through thinking of the session after it had finished and reviewing the powerpoint, it helped to clear the confusion.

With constellation itself, I do understand its concept, however, I struggle to connect the topic I am currently learning with my subject choice, being graphic design. I can see the connection when we discussed technology and cyborgs as this applies to the present in regards to phones and current technology in general, something my practice can effect. Other than that I do question its relevance as I cannot seem to create a spark between the two.

Furthermore, I have also found time to be an issue throughout, trying to balance work with projects, blogging and constellation has been difficult. I feel I have managed to keep on top of everything, but I have prioritised my practice as that is more relevant to my interests. I do feel I should provide more time to constellation and really underpin the ideas provided.

Within myself, I can see a progression in the way I go about my studies. For example, when I began the term I was not very efficient with my work. Fast forward to now and I manage to complete my work at a quicker pace, giving me more time to review it and implement any improvements. For constellation, I make a point to review and blog about the session that evening as it’s still fresh in my mind and therefore ensure’s that I understand the session.

I am happy within myself and am fully enjoying the whole creative process at university. I do question my capabilities constantly and therefore try to think of new ways of working in order to push me out of my comfort zone. I find that at times I can become trapped in what I know and what I can do, but I realise I must constantly push myself and my abilities if I wish to succeed in my practice.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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