Image Sets Brief 2

This brief is a follow on from the previous one with slight differences, mainly being the specific sizes for the images and that there are four images per set. Like before the images are based on two different subjects and the images must relate to one another in order to make them a set.

As I have conducted research for the previous subjects (Architecture and Sociology) and did not feel I was able to reach my full potential, or complete the brief, I will continue on with those subjects for this brief.

I began with some simple sketches in order to visualise the sizes and to therefore help construct a layout.

This was a great staring point in order to help visualise my overall design.


I tried to be as experimental as possible with the images. I really like the use of the halftone filter on the architectural images as I find it heightens the image and makes it more visually interesting through the different geometric shapes produced, which is a key element within architecture. I did try to invert the images, but I don’t think they work as well as it detracts from the geometric shapes and lines found within them.


I again experimented as much as possible with these images, but tried to apply a different affect to the images to highlight that they are a different set. I therefore used the stained glass filter on to certain areas of the images. I really like this filter on the images because I felt that the the way the pieces fitted together resembled sociology and society itself with the idea that society is built up of many different elements and must work together to keep order. This is also allowed the images to be both implicit yet legible. With the inverted images, I do think that they are quite interesting to look at, however, I feel it detracts from what the subject is and is distracting and with that I do not think they work as strongly. To be honest, I like the images as whole images with the small area highlighted with the filter as it does draw the viewer’s attention. However, due to the specified sizes, this was simply not possible to display.

I then went on to try out different layouts to see how the images would sit best on the page. I do think that I should have experimented a bit more with the layout and will therefore go back and experiment a little more based on my design sketches. Nonetheless, with the Architecture set of images, I feel the third image works best as the images sit well together and I feel it falls nicely down the page, leading the viewers eyes. With the Sociology set, I feel the both the second and third images work well. I like how they go across the page in the direction of the arrow, which is also the natural direction of reading for many people.

Here I have gone back to try and experiment with various different layouts to see if there are any layouts that I find stronger than above. I do find the different compositions to be interesting but after reviewing all the layout designs on both sets, I find the previous layout designs to be stronger than these designs for both sets. I find this because I feel that both sets of images sit better on the page and are more considered. The layouts read much better and feel more natural to read and with that feel more visually interesting. Through completing more designs, I do feel much more confident in my decision for the final design.

Here I tried to invert the two strongest layouts to see the effect. They have become very abstracted images and are interesting to look at. However, they are not at all clear to read, particularly for displaying in a brochure in my opinion and therefore do not work.

These are my final designs for the two sets. I am pleased with the overall outcome as I have fulfilled the brief requirements and I do find them both to be rather interesting designs, both with the images and compositionally as they present a path for the eye.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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