Image Sets

We have been asked to create sets of images that relate to a subject of our choice, but the images must be connected in some form in order to make it clear that the images are part of a set.

Some initial idea generation through sketching and jotting down some notes. I was unsure how many images to create per set, which is why the number of boxes in each sketch is inconsistent.

However, in the time given, I managed to create one set of images, with the minimum requirement being three images. This set relates to architecture. In order to allow the images to be a set I applied the same filter and also the same colours on to each of the images. I feel this has gone successfully as the images clearly relate to one another. I also like the style, I am unsure whether this does relates well to architecture and with more time I would have experimented further, however the project was cut short by Ray in order to give us a new, but relating brief.

They are very busy images and are visually interesting in my opinion, and I like the abstracted nature of two of the images, with the third providing a visual cue that it relates to architecture. Furthermore, I am happy with the colour choices, however I think that they could be a little brighter to make them stand out a little more, and make them more exciting.

These are all things that I will bear in mind when going forward to my next brief and hopefully I will be able to experiment a little more in order to see what works best.



Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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