One of the workshops included working with pattern. I found the task rather simple and was quite enjoyable, however I did not fully understand the relevance of learning about pattern within Graphic Design.

I therefore did some research and learnt that patterns can help to enhance a design if used correctly. It of course does not have its place everywhere, but I do now understand that as well as being visually stimulating, it can help to underpin a meaning within a design. One article I read spoke of using textures within design, which can create a physical illusion to the audience. This can be accomplished through using pattern.


I therefore played with patterns myself and here are the results:

With these images, although I have only worked with two patterns and portraits, I wanted to try and push the patterns as far as they would go and experiment with the images to see what could be accomplished. I like how although there two sets of images with each set using the same pattern and portrait, each image has a very different feel to it and can be read differently to the other.

Personally, I feel the the top left image works well as the pattern seems to be apart of the model and therefore I feel enhances a personal connection between the two. I also like how in the centre, you are immediately drawn into her eye and so it immediately grabs the viewers attention.

With the repeated pattern work of the female model, I am happy with them on the whole, however I do think that the orange print is stronger than the blue. Originally with the orange print, the portrait of the model was untouched and therefore resembled the image of the blue print’s portrait. But after a discussion with Ray, he thought that the portrait was too cold in comparison to the colours in the print and therefore caused an imbalance within the overall piece. He suggested adding warmth to the portrait and so that is what I did. It is a very slight adjustment, but one that does aid the image rather dramatically. It allows the portrait to fit within the pattern much stronger.

This made me realise the level of detail required with images and to carefully reflect on whether all the elements work well with one another and if not, can they be rectified before being changed? It is about questioning the work and its legibility.

With the male model I wanted to try something a little different through placing the pattern above the portrait and altering its opacity. It gives a rather trapped feeling and allows the viewer to draw numerous narratives from it. I question its strength as an overall piece, but I do like the experimental nature of it.

On the whole I am pleased with the work created, however, I do feel I need to try and extend this and experiment with more and work on creating more patterns to see what can be created. I would also like to try and push my Adobe skills forward and try to work on creating textured pieces or patterns. Nevertheless, I do particularly feel that more work is needed and along with that more experimentation.

Here I have tried to experiment further and play with different pattern designs. I really like the geometric style of the patterns and I quite like how there is only a slight hue of colour in the two patterns. I do find these patterns slightly stronger than the previous ones, due to the higher contrast and the abstracted detail. These patterns are much more visually interesting as they are not as obvious. I decided to use the same portraits as I find them to be strong shots to use within my work.

I am happy that I have tried to experiment further with the patterns, but I did find that there are endless possibilities and I lacked a specific end point, therefore as this was simply an exercise I decided to stop with these. But this is definitely something to revisit further in the future, depending on the given briefs.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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