Rabble Talks

On Thursday 27th October I attended a talk held by Rabble Cardiff (previously Design Stuff Cardiff) in Kin + Ilk coffee shop in the Capital Quarter. The talks were given by Robert Mills who is a Content Strategist and works at Gather Content and Laura Wellington a product and interior designer who is also co-founder of Duke Studios in Leeds.

Although Robert Mills does not work in design, his line of work is very important in relation to design. He handles content that would be placed on websites, this is obviously extremely important when developing a website as the right message needs to be conveyed to the correct audience, therefore the designer must understand the content in order to design the most suitable website to hold the content and display it in the most effective format making it legible. This is not something that I have really considered, I came to understand that there can be a lot of delegation and collaboration between the two. I now realise how much work is involved in writing and reviewing content and it is something that a designer must well consider within his/her work.

Laura Wellington on the other hand is a designer at heart who specialises in product and interior design. I found her story to be very inspirational and in some ways motivating. Along with her boyfriend, they have developed a business providing studio spaces, allowing individuals and business to co-work, they also provide other services including; laser/ vinyl cutting, photo studio, cafe, bar, meeting rooms and an event space. However, hearing about their journey and the struggles they endured is what makes it more amazing, it is the thought that throughout it all they never gave up and now run a successful company that seems to be constantly growing.

Overall, I am very glad I went to the talks and it is definitely something that I am planning on going to again. I found the whole night to be very enjoyable and interesting and found it very beneficial to hear professionals talking about their practice as it was inspirational and did give a lot to think about. I felt it has opened my eyes to the possibilities that are available upon graduation and on the whole it was great to see so many people who share the same interests.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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