Type Specimen Review

On submission of my type specimen poster, I was given formative feedback on the overall design.

I was told that the ‘1902’ within my first paragraph needed to be dealt with as it looked odd in comparison to the rest of the paragraph – which I completely agree with and picked up myself upon reviewing my work.

I was also told that he didn’t like the way the ‘1902’ and ‘Morris Fuller Benton’ were touching the white lines and was told that there should be a gap or to alter the colour. I personally disagree with this remark on the basis that they are acting as lines coming off the extended descender, however, I do think that altering the colour to a light grey would work quite well and maybe not make them so tight to the descender.

One remark was about altering the levels of grey in the letterforms that surround the letter ‘g’. I completely agree with this, I now fully understand the importance of printing proofs and can see how printed documents differ from the screen. It is a simple adjustment, but one that could have been avoided.

As I commented in my last blog about the image of ‘The Dark Knight’ being too small, this was also pointed out to me and is again a very simple adjustment to make.

Another comment was about trying to create more anchor points through aligning some of the paragraphs with other elements on the page to create more structure and a flow for the eyes. This is something I attempted to do but only with the special characters and letters in the two corners of the page, I did overlook the other elements and I can understand his viewpoint, I will try to amend this, but I am unsure if I will be able to get everything in alignment.

There were also strong points given to me in regards to using the extended descender line and placing the titles of the paragraphs on the side rather than above. I was also complimented on my attention to detail with the spacing in the paragraphs and also the alignment of the titles in comparison to the paragraphs.

Overall, I am relatively happy with my feedback, I found it frustrating that some of the issues brought forward were so small that I feel I should not have made them in the first place. However, with some, such as the anchor points, it was not something that occurred to me and I am glad that it was brought forward as it will now be something that I’ll look out for in future projects. I am not too concerned about the minor errors made as they are all things that I will learn from and will keep a mental note of for future references.


Here is the reviewed draft of the type specimen. I have altered the levels of opacity of the the letters behind the ‘g’ to make them stand out more, I have also made the ‘Morris Fuller Benton’ and ‘1902’ a light grey colour in order to differentiate them from the extended descender. I have also tried to improve the anchor points with the ‘Morris Fuller Benton’ and the Classification paragraph now in line and I have tried to get the bottom of the letter ‘g’ in line with the History paragraph. I have resized and moved the ‘Dark Knight’ image so that it corresponds with my name and course title in the opposite corner (top left) this is so that page doesn’t become weighted or uneven. Finally I have altered the rag in the History paragraph to make it flow better.

All in all I am happier with the changes that I have made. Although they are quite small changes, they do make a difference to the type specimen and takes it to the next level.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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