Cardiff in Photo

We were given a one day project to work in groups of four to Photograph Cardiff in relation to four given themes:

  • City of the Unexpected
  • W’exit
  • Land of my Fathers
  • Concrete Jungle

I found the project a little challenging as we had to not only think of photographing Cardiff, but also relating it to the themes given.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy completing the task and felt that we had tackled the brief successfully. I do feel however that the W’exit image and the Land of my Fathers image did lack slightly. As a group we all found the W’exit theme difficult to convey, although I do think that the Welsh flag works as it shows the passion and strength of the Welsh (which is heightened when we edited the image to make the colours more vibrant to stand out), but perhaps taking a slightly different route with the idea of ‘exit’ more at the forefront would have worked better.


With the Land of my Fathers image, we decided to take a religious route, exploring the idea  of how religion was a major key factor in Wales and Cardiff years ago, however, I don’t think that it has the strongest Welsh connection and that’s where I feel it lacks.


Out of the four I do feel that the concrete jungle image is the strongest due to the contrast in light and also the depth of field that can be felt in the image. There is quite a lot happening and for the viewer to read, it feels as if things are being built and demolished all at the same time, similar to a jungle.


Finally, I do also like the City of the Unexpected image. We decided to select this image as it is seen to be unexpected. The humour of the sticker juxtaposes the seriousness of such a historic statue. We decided to take an alternative route as we felt the obvious choice was to go for something relating to Roald Dahl. In terms of the image itself, I feel it has been shot well as the eye is immediately drawn to the sticker before trying to identify where it is placed. It is then that the individual must work out the story or connection.


Overall, I am happy with our selected images as they are a reflection of Cardiff and also the four themes given, therefore I feel we have answered the brief, through an alternative route however. Despite this I do think improvements can be made with more given time. This is definitely something I could re-visit in order to improve my personal skills within photography and also in conveying themes and messages within images as this will be very beneficial to me in future projects.



Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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