Vernacular Typography

Vernacular typography involves the visualisation of a word in a 3D space. I particularly like the style of typography that involves standing in a certain position to see the pice clearly. I find that to be such a creative and playful way to display typography and can be a great way to communicate a message.

We were given a project to work in groups to display a given word in a 3D space as effectively as possible to communicate the word. We began by researching our given word; ‘Private’ to understand its meaning and to perhaps gain some inspiration.

Our first idea was to create the word on multiple computer screens to highlight the idea of technological privacy. But after a discussion with David, it was concluded that the idea wasn’t particularly strong and didn’t have the strongest relevance to the word. We therefore went back and thought of new ideas and the one that stood out was to cover a door frame with a sheet and to project a shadow of the word ‘Private’ on to the sheet.










This was the overall effect, we were all very pleased with the outcome as the dark nature and distorted word draw the viewers attention and present a private feel. I think that it also works to see the door frame to show that it is clearly a room and the sheet is there to block the view into the room. The room emphasises the idea that we all keep things hidden within our rooms and rooms are generally used to hide private items.

However with more time I do think that this could have been pushed further, we could have played around with the word further through distorting it to make the reader work a little harder to read the word, as if making the word private in itself.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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