Roald Dahl Poster

For this brief we were required to create an A3 black and white poster using hybography to depict a six word story for any Roald Dahl book.

I knew I wanted to base my story on either Matilda or Fantastic Mr Fox as I have read both books and seem the films and out of all his stories they are my favourites.

I came up with a few different suggestions including;

With the fox came the food.

With her mind came the power.

Books to read. Minds to blow.

With Matilda’s mind came Matilda’s power.

After discussing with my peers I chose: With Matilda’s mind came Matilda’s power.

This is an image of my process of designing the layout and also considering what could be serif or sans serif or a hybrid.

I then went on to Illustrator and started to play with the two different fonts being; Noteworthy and Plantagenet Cherokee. I found these fonts to work the best as they have two different personalities, like Matilda in a way. There is the child in her and also the responsible, mature side to her.



Overall I am happy with my final poster particularly the growth in the name ‘Matilda’ as it is meant to depict her growth throughout the narrative. I am also pleased with the word ‘Power’ due to its scale and strength. It stands out and feels powerful within the whole poster.

I decided to go for the black background with the white typography as I felt it looked stronger and the type stood stronger on the page. I thought the word ‘Power’ had more of an impact.


However looking at my final design I do feel that improvements and refinements can be made. I think that I could play around with the layout more – the words; ‘With Matilda’s mind came’, could be moved closer to one another and extending the word ‘Power’. Also I think scale could be played around with further. On the other hand I do like the formality as it reminds me of a book slightly.

Nevertheless, I do feel that some more experimentation is needed and could have been more beneficial. This is something to consider when moving forward.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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