Having received a workshop in letterpress it’s safe to say that I really enjoyed. It was interesting seeing an insight into how printing would have taken place many years ago and the process taken to achieve the final result. The largest amount of work went into the preparation and completing the typesetting. The printing itself took a very short amount of time.


This was my first attempt and as is clear to see I got some of the letters the wrong way round. This was one of the challenges I faced as I then had to change the incorrect letters and re-do the tension.


Nevertheless, I managed to sort out the problem and on the whole I was pleased with the outcomes I had created. I particularly liked the effect on the tissue paper, the random shapes was an accident, yet I think it works especially in relation to the text. But I do think with more time I could have experimented with more colours and compositions.

I feel that this technique gives a different feel to the document, it has a raw and organic feel to it that you simply cannot get with digital print. I particularly like how you can see the indent created on the paper, creating an emboss effect.

It is definitely a technique that I will consider to use within my work, of course depending on the context. But nonetheless I would like to work with letterpress again and either way I think it is a good thing to know part of the history of Graphic Design.


Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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