Quentin Blake Exhibition

Being given the opportunity to visit the Quentin Blake exhibition in the National Museum was a great experience. Although I do really enjoy his work and the way he depicts each story through his illustrations, I particularly liked seeing the evolution of his drawings and the way in which he worked. I found it interesting to see how he would design each page and carefully plan each layout and what section of the story to depict. It was clear to see the time and effort taken to ensure his work was of the best quality. There was quite a lot of trial and error sketches in the creation of the characters to ensure he had the best possible outcome.

It made me realise that although he is an illustrator, the design process remains very similar in both fields and therefore it is definitely something I need to extend upon within my own design work. I can see how making three or four alterations to an initial design, really pushed his work forward and this is something I need to adopt myself.

As well as that it was hard to ignore the wealth of illustrations within the space. He manages to convey a variety of emotions and movement within his drawings simply through the use of lines. They are not perfect lines but the image can be read clearly and aids the narrative strongly. What I enjoy the most within his work is his ability to capture light and shadows, sometimes with the use of one watercolour. I feel it really helps to bring his images alive and ensures they are not static. His playful nature works with context of them being children’s books and therefore make them fun and enjoyable to view.

I feel that he uses simple techniques that are effective and that is key to remember – do not overcomplicate the work, simplicity can convey the message most successfully.



Author: marislathamgraphics

I am a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying BA Hons Graphic Communication.

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